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An In Depth Look @ My Art
You can find my art by clicking here or by selecting the tab on the left side of the page.
I sketch, draw, and make digital paintings.
You can also find me on Deviant Art.

I have loved art since I could hold a crayon, though if I were to be honest I became an artist around my middling teenage years. The times before that were dark and the thing I created will never see the light of day. *pulls cowl lower to hide eyes and waves hands all spooky like*
I just love to sketch, I can crank out a finished ink/pencil product in under half an hour, under fifteen if I am really rollin'. So I have stacks and stacks of random fairies, dragons, anthros, sci-fi, critters, aliens, mythicals, dinos, you pretty much name it. I have only recently been getting better at people because I have embraced my own style, accepting that realistic humans are beyond me.  
So anyway. I was trying to say that I am working on gathering all of these bits and pieces up and sorting them out into coloring books for YA & older. So I prob won't be posting as many original works from now on. So they can be exclusives in the coloring books. 
I will keep posting my fan art though, because... well... it's fan art. I retain the right to the sketch style, but not the characters so I can't include them in anything. Although having a Clappy (clap trap) coloring book would be pretty shiny indeed. 

I also do digital paintings for my books and well... just for fun. Some of my favorite ones get used for merch that I offer for sale on my website if any of you are interested. I run LEs sometimes and then have other stuff that just stays in the store for long period of time. So if you are looking to own a poster, t-shirt, mug, pillow, whatever-the-print-shop-offers-that-month hit me up on the website!

I used to do commission work and may again in the future, but right now my plate is so over flowing I am doing my best to keep up with all the fun stuff my work entails. (as well as the eye-gouging-level boring paperwork that I wish I could pawn off) So keep an eye out! I will make a post in the blog if commissions open up again. They come with their own set of rules to keep me and my commissioners sanity intact.

So as above suggests I do NOT draw or paint for free. I paint and sketch for myself, my work, or moolah. I am a greedy artist. Very greedy. Gimme money. *grabby hands and pouts*

Email me @
if you wanna get in touch!
Thanks for your time!

All images and text are copyrighted © by Ariel L Hodge. The use of any image or text from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained. 
 Fan art, character design and rights retained by original creator.

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