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Snippet #53

Snippet #53

He sat back on the narrow little bed, humming beneath his breath as he flitted through the book of anthropomorphic creatures. His claws racking the yellowed pages lazily. Book of Monsters, the cover red in gold type. He laughed at the absurdity of it, not a one of the sketches were accurate. The reality was far more frightening. He paused when he turned to a page that depicted himself, or how the humans thought he looked. He was ancient, that was true and he had slumbered for so long. But surely they had not so quickly forgotten his true visage. The thing that stared up at him from the page was a an insult, comical, ridiculous. He was more handsome, fiercer. He fought the urge to slice the page in two, his mistress had simply borrowed it to try and amuse him. Defacing it would cause her trouble. So instead he dropped it to the floor, curling up on her cot as she worked by the light of a single candle. Straining her eyes and diminishing her vision for a mere handful of coppers. Humans are such fools.


The Cat and the Seamstress

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