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Twitter RP Sesh #3 - from P.O.D. ft Saleana Othello

Twitter RP writing prompt sesh from Jan 2017
 ft. Saleana Othello
of the 
Path of a Dreamer series 

Introduce yourself.

 Why hello. I am Saleana, Saleana Othello. It is a pleasure to meet you this evening. You wished to discuss a few things with me? That is... As you wish. Continue.

Describe yourself in five words.

Describe myself in five words? Why would I do that? I am who I am, no more nor less. Alright, if you truly insist. I am madwoman. I am cursed. I am underestimated. I am lioness. I am Dreamer. Does that sate your needs?

If you could change one thing in your past what would it be?

One thing I would change? The events of my past were not of my will. Even if I could change what I have done it would do nothing to change my present. I live in a world where I control nothing. Or I did. Since my merchant awoke me I have changed. My present has changed. And my future? I will carve it with my own will. I am the lioness. I am no longer a pawn of fate. 

What is your favorite way to relax?
My favorite way to relax? I am at ease when Vasant is near as of late. Is that what you are asking? Oh. You mean what do I do to occupy my mind? I embroider to fill my spare time. It takes me away from this world if only for a time.

What is a line you were proud to say?
 A line that I was...? I do not understand what you are asking. You mean something that I took pride in saying? I am a madwoman. Not much of what I have said is a subject for pride. Best speak to Vasant if you wish for boastful words. Not I.

Tell us about where you live.
Tell you about where I live? I... I have no home now. The Akore was never my home, simply a place where I existed. If existing you could have called it. No. I have no home. I never have had one. I... I feel as though I belong to the Dome. As though it is a very part of me. But I have never been there in the flesh. Only in the Dream Realm. Listen to me prattle on. You will soon take up the opinions that have enshrouded me my entire life. I am a madwoman, you know. That is what they say. Do I believe it? I... Yes. Yes I do. But is being mad truly a bad thing? Is it truly something to be ashamed of? I digress. I have no home. For now I live in a merchant's wagon with a man whom I once thought wanted me to be a piece for his bed. That is where I live.

Do you sympathize with the protagonist?

Do I sympathize with Ewald and his ilk? I would sooner dive unclothed into a Squall than to say a fair word about the lot! Given the chance I would stain my blade with their blood. I should have done as such before I fled. I was weak. I will never be as weak again.

What are you self conscious about?
What am I...? Are you playing a game? What am I self conscious about? Have you not been listening to my words? Have you not been paying attention? *sigh* Very well. I feel no shame in my Dreams. No shame in who I am, in truth. I feel shame in the fact that I have never risen before. I was content to be mocked. Content to hide within the shadows. To live out my days of ridicule. Then... Then Ewald and his ilk tried to kill me. My merchant, my sly fox. He saved me. He said he would take me away from it all. I was wary of him. But he... he saved me. Truly. Not just my life. But my... My self. At his side I can be who I truly am. I do not have to cower and hide any longer. So, to put a complex matter to rest. I feel shame for not breaking free sooner. No chains but those of fear held me to that place.

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