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Twitter Writing Prompt Archive #1 - from P.O.D. Book 2

This was an awesome Twitter writing event called #DecWIP. 
I was lucky to be able to partake of it & had a ton of fun answering all the prompts!

This twitter sesh was hosted by @reagancolbert97
visit her blog @

Introduce us to your WIP
My main WIP is a sequel to my first book A young woman does not fit into her frozen world Ridiculed and hated she discovers that she may not be a simple madwoman That her Dreams may be the result of her unknown heritage

tell us how/when you first got the idea for this WIP
 Like most of my WIPs it started out as a dream I have been working on it for over a decade so it has def changed and grown with me 

introduce us to the author Tell us something fun about yourself
 I am always late to the party~ rofl Seriously The whole internet social bit is something I am behind in Dint have Twitter til OCT 

what is your favorite scene that you have written so far
 Either a Grissom or Dragoon scene Blood crazed psychos are fun Gets me into a polar opposite mind set from my Disney happy self 

what is a scene you are most looking forward to writing
 A character reveal Saleana finds out who Cor Saltus is and its emotional to say the least 

 use a line from your WIP to put us into your setting
Wind swirled about her the frigid gust an embrace that warmed her very heart She extended her hand smiling as Ventus landed atop of her palm Unseen by her merchant companion in the depth of the night She inched closer to him on the high bench of the wagon leaning delicately against his shoulder His very breath the sound of hearth and home to her now Her smile deepened and she closed her eyes Perhaps her life was finally taking a turn for the better

 what is the easiest thing about writing this WIP
This is a hard one to answer Slipping into character maybe Vasant is a fun one It is hard to keep him from stealing the show Which is ironic because he was supposed to be a sexist, perverted scum bag that was going to be offed in 2 chaps Complete 360

 what is the hardest thing about writing this WIP
Sitting down and actually writing it I have a bazillion projects going right now and I am not devoting the time I want to it 

 share something about your WIP that reflects another work
Honestly I cannot think of one I am sure there are a myriad of sci-fi/fantasy flicks from the 80's 90's with a similar theme 

 introduce us to your support character (their POV)
Good Evening, Call me Vasant. Full name of Vasant Nicodemo, high class merchant extraordinaire *charming grin accompanied by bow*
 (Twitter gets to deal with more RPing from my fav wind bag! Yay!)

 introduce us to the protagonist
Saleana? She is only the most splendid specimen womankind has ever known Lay a hand upon her & I will flail you alive Do you ken?

 what is the protagonist's greatest strength
Physically she is strong She is the lioness after all But it is her eyes that hold me under their spell She is an enchantress 

 what is the protagonist's greatest weakness
She trusts too readily After all she trusts myself She has no clue the type of monster I truly am 

 describe your relationship with the protagonist
That...That is not an easy one We are traveling companions I was assigned to win her heart and use her to betray her kin I must fulfill my duty Even if it will destroy the thing that I cherish most in this frozen world

 what is the protagonist's greatest moment in the book?
If she is as wise as I hope she is she will flee from me given the first opportunity. Knowing the lioness as I am beginning to though...I doubt she will do what is best for herself. She will look for the good until the very end. I thank her for it for my people would wish her to be so gullible as to trust a beast like me. But I hate myself for it as well. I can only wish that coming to her senses will be her greatest moment.

 let the antagonist introduce themselves from their POV
Oh, introduce myself? What business would the lot of you have with one such as I? Looking for a mercenary, are you? Wanting a bit of blood spilled? That takes coin. Have to earn my living somehow, you know. Can't be all fun and games, now can it, ol' boy? The name's Grissom. Rowan Grissom. Scourge of the wood at your service.

 what would Christmas look like in your WIP
Hmm..More of a festival of plenty and survival type of celebration I would think. More feast & community oriented than modern day

what is your theme song for your WIP
 The music I listen to while writing? Or the music I think of for my world? lol First option would be musicals & broadway. Lots of Hammerstein, Shrek, & Addams family with a bit of Rent, Jane Austen, & Wicked tossed in As for the soundtrack... Hmm Monk style chanting flutes harps & bag pipes W/ vocals from Irish tenors & Scottish baritones w/ touchof Nordic accent & tone

 if your book became a movie and you played one of the characters who would you be
Hmm... I would be one of the extras from a flashback, prob. Lol One of the residents of the dome. A lady Somniator 

share your WIPs again
The cont story of Saleana Othello, the lioness, as she tries to uncover what & who she truly is. Along the way she discovers secret truths of herself and her new companions, as well as the true past of their frozen world.

what was your favorite DecWIP prompt
 I loved the chance to be my baddie Grissom! He is not one I get to represent often. Vasant generally shoves him out of the way

 share something you've written
The last lines of book one She grinned at the thought, singing an old lullaby her mother had taught her The words filled with the call of blood and death. Music to her ears. 
Woops! You meant a link. Lol Here ya go 
*tosses @ fellow twitter folks* 

I loved this one and look forward to more writing prompts that Reagan may host in the future!

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