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Snippet #23

Snippet #23

Without so much as a warning she threw her arms around his neck, pressing her lips to his own even as tears coursed down her cheeks. He felt his ear twitch at the action, life returning to his cold limbs slowly, painfully. What has she done to me? He purred, wrapping his newly awoken arms about her and pulling her down hard into his body. He held her as tightly as he dared least he break her frail human body. But he wanted her, wanted all of her. He expected her to pull away, to finally show that fear he had known must be lingering in her heart. But she merely kissed him again, more forcefully, more hungrily. So he tasted of her, his tongue running over her sweet, rich lips and parting them. Finer than any wine, sweeter than honey. His fur melted from his flesh, his tufted ears receding to only the finest of points. Only his tail remained, swaying madly at the utter ecstasy that gripped him as he drank sweetly of her nectar.

~ ALH 

The Cat and the Seamstress

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