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Snippet #21

 Snippet #21

"It isn't a door in the way you know them, you simple headed fool!" She slicked her hands over her bobbed red curls, the rounded nails soft and weak. It pained her to look human in this place, to be so defenseless. But by some miracle he had not seen her true flesh and some part of her wanted to cling to the impossible future she had tasted for so brief of a time.She sighed, turning from him and sauntering up the shoreline. How could she possibly explain the portal to him? The tearing and rending aura that cause no harm to the flesh but drank deeply of life itself. It was no different from her, in truth. But she could no sooner tell him that either. As it was she was barely able to stand, having offered more to the portal than was wise so as to spare him. A human had never passed through before, she did not know if he could have even survived the toll had she allowed it. They had been spat out into the world of the fae, he whole and unharmed, she stitched back together with crude hands. It was how he had first met her, destroyed by the portal and in desperate need of sustenance. If her wits had been about her then she would have fed off of him to slack her thirst, would have drained him dry. She glanced over her shoulder at him, still coughing and stumbling after her, his momentary grace gone. She was grateful to that thrice cursed portal more so than she could ever admit. It had been the only thing to save his hide. She would have had no qualm with committing an atrocity she would have never recognized. The world would have been a sore place with her foolish manager and his prideful grin. The smile was gone now, replaced with a look of utter awe as he gazed upon her unsullied world. The same token that had saved him then could very well condemn him now. She was starving, her hunger at such a level she had never known. Se shouldn't be able to stand. She would not be able to protect him until she had properly feasted. But how to do that without revealing her true nature to him... That was a riddle she had no solution for.

~ ALH 

The Siren and her Manager

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