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Twitter RP Sesh #2 - from P.O.D. ft Vasant Nicodemo

Twitter RP writing prompt sesh from Nov 2016
 ft. Vasant Nicodemo
of the 
Path of a Dreamer series 

Introduce yourself.

Good Evening. Call me Vasant. Full name of Vasant Nicodemo, high class merchant extraordinaire. 
*charming grin accompanied by bow*

Introduce us to the MC.
Saleana? She is only the most splendid specimen womankind has ever known. Lay a hand upon her and I will flail you alive. Do you ken? 

What is the MC's greatest weakness?

She trusts too readily. After all she trusts myself. She has no clue the type of monster I truly am 

Describe your relationship with the MC.
That...That is not an easy one We are traveling companions I was assigned to win her heart and use her to betray her kin. I must fulfill my duty Even if it will destroy the thing that I cherish most in this frozen world.

What is the MC's greatest moment?

 If she is as wise as I hope she is she will flee from me given the first opportunity. Knowing the lioness as I am beginning to though... I doubt she will do what is best for herself. She will look for the good until the very end. I thank her for it for my people would wish her to be so gullible as to trust a beast like me. But I hate myself for it as well. I can only wish that coming to her senses will be her greatest moment.

Tell us something unique about the MC, something only you know. 
She brings the best to light. She alone stirs my blood and tempts me to Transverto. I have always had full control. Yet she alone usurps that hard won control and twists it with her trim little fingers. Crumbling my very will to dust. She had best be careful. For there will be a time when my nature will prove more powerful than my wit. My heart. And then I shall have no say in whether or not the Custos within me takes her. Possesses her. Devours her.

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