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Snippet #19

 Snippet #19

He stiffened as he watched her open the door, bolting to it as the crude slab of wood swung open. She was stunning there, enveloped in the velvet embrace of the night. He would have teased her if not for the sprig that barricaded him from her. She smiled at him, parting her lips to offer greeting no doubt, but he gestured to the cursed greenery.
"Why did you hang this?" The seamstress looked up at him innocently enough, belaying his suspicions if at least for a moment.
"Because it is a family tradition. We hang the mistletoe in the archway to show our love for the world around us. For our fellows. It represents our gratitude. Some of my more distant relations have even taken to kissing beneath it for good luck." His hackles rose and he hissed, seeing the world in shades of red. Why had he not placed that subtle scent of hers. How could he have not recognized her bloodline. He had allowed himself free reign about her. Had allowed himself to... No he would not allow himself to think of it.

~ ALH 

The Cat and the Seamstress

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