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Character Intro #3


Introducing Saleana Sapphire Othello
(This intro was written after Book 1 was published)

Saleana is a Dreamer, but she is not fully aware of what that entails just yet. She is a member of the Akore tribe in the northern mountains, a settlement cut off from much of the world. Her parents were among many of those that died during the Great Squall, leaving her alone in the world. She lived a hard, isolated life growing up among her people. Ostracized for her Dreams and other reasons she did not understand. Her only wish in life is to be accepted and in her Dreams, in a place she knows only as the Dome, she believes that place exists. She wishes to reach that place, no matter the cost nor hardship she has to face. But little dose she realize what effect her past will have on her journey. The part her very blood will play.

Saleana has trouble leaning on others, trusting them. But by that same token once her trust is gained it is unwavering and pure. She will risk everything for those she holds dear, even her own life. Aspects of her personality can be described as child-like, a portion of her psyche craving the companionship and affection she did not know as a child. But she is no way naive, a wary and calculating woman. Her greatest hope is also her greatest fear. Being loved.

"Her skin was soft and pale, her cheeks a rosy hue that matched her full lips. Her face was in the shape of a heart, her chin small and sharp. Rich auburn curls framed her face, thin braids and strands of beads scattered amongst them. Her tresses were gathered in a multitude of braids below her shoulders, a leather thong encircling the intricate knots, beads, and braids. The bundle was thrown over her shoulder, sweeping past her bosom and below her hips. ... She was a short woman, the crown of her head coming no higher than a man’s chest, but she was not a feeble thing. Her limbs were thick with muscle, strong and limber. Her shoulders were broad, as were her hips, sturdy was a word that came to mind when looking upon her, but feminine all the same. She was trim as well, elegant, and graceful, a creature born and bred to live in their harsh world. She stood out amongst her people as much as the cluster of tents stood out in the Center." 

~ Quote from Path of a Dreamer: Book 1
The Girl with the Sapphire Eyes
Author's tidbit 
  Saleana was originally a girl around 14 or so who had lived a safe if shunned life instead of the harmful and hated one she is described as having lived now. I have been working on this series for over a decade so as my views of the world changed and I aged so did the story. A lot of innocence and childish perils got replaced with darker, more macabre themes.
 She is an awesome char, I love her strengths and her weaknesses. She portrays as a trusting, quiet, subservient person when in truth she is the exact opposite. Strong and capable without being overly so Saleana has to depend on her companions to a degree.
It is a tough tightrope to balance. Can't lean too far one way or the other. But it makes her who she is and that is a delightful heroine who I would love to befriend in reality.

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