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Snippet #14

Snippet #14

The king looked out upon the crowd of peasants below his balcony. Filthy bodies jostling and crying for his attention. His courtyard was packed with them, how he hated this tradition. But it had been laid by his ancestors. He would chose one among them to live as Lady Peasant for one long, painful year. Every decade the throne did this ceremony. He himself had chosen two before, it had been his first action when taking the throne at the tender age of seven. It kept his people content and a content people were less likely to challenge his rule. It was just a familiarity, a facade, the Peasant had no true power. Now he simple had to chose one out of the throng, perhaps one less pungent than the rest. That was when he saw them, glittering beneath a layer of travel dust and half hidden by a frayed bonnet. Their bearer stood silent and still, trying to blend into the crowd. He smiled slowly, mockingly. Her actions only made her stand out all the more. He would have her opal eyes.

~ ALH 

The Iron King and Lady Peasant

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