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Snippet #10

Snippet #10

The cat creature loosed a silky purr, his plush tail swishing back and forth behind him like a pendulum. He relished the feel of the fine lace and silk beneath his paws. A smile crossed his feline lips as he rolled his silver eyes upward, gazing at his mistress. She was rigid, her plain but strangely attractive face set in a scowl. She held her needle before her like a blade, her hand quivering as she pointed it directly at his heart. She was fuming. He merely shrugged at her, licking the back of his paw arrogantly in response. It was rare that he got a rise from her, his pretty little seamstress. She was patience in the flesh, endowed with an annoying amount of poise and decorum. But he had finally found a way to nettle her. Her secret was her work. He had managed to find two birds with a single stone, he would get beneath her skin and he would sit where he pleased. He crooked a claw beneath her chin, teasing her flesh as those freckled cheeks grew brighter red. It was an added boon that he disgraced her piece with his naked flesh. She always colored so brightly when he discarded the robes she had given him. His ears were that of a cat, his tail, his fangs, his claws. Even the fine tracery of silver fur that lined his flesh. But his body and form was that of a trim, willow limbed young human. And humans did not care for bearing flesh, such odd creatures they were. But oh so fun.


The Cat and the Seamstress

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