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Twitter RP Sesh #1 - from P.O.D. ft Vasant Nicodemo

Twitter RP writing prompt sesh from Nov 2016
 ft. Vasant Nicodemo
of the 
Path of a Dreamer series

Introduce yourself.

Good eve, they call me Vasant. Pleasure to meet you fine folk. Did I mention I am a rather high class merchant?

How did you meet the MC?

Well... My Elders commanded me to charm the young Dreamer and claim her heart. Then her tribe... Well they sold her to me...

Know any cool party tricks?

Would you perchance consider turning into a blood thirsty beast an amusing trick? No? I do not either in truth.

Why did you decide to accompany the MC on their journey?

I believe we already went over this. I was commanded and was sold the young Dreamer. For a mere copper I might add.

Define family.

Simple. Those who wish to use you for their own gains and would just as simply add your corpse to their butcher's bill than not.

What is going to happen to you once the story ends?

Honestly? I can only hope that I can mend the heart that I am forced to break by my people. Perhaps have a few whelps...

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