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Character Intro #2

Introducing Vasant Nicodemo
(This intro was written after Book 1 was published)

Vasant is a Custos merchant, the nephew of Dragoon. Not much is known about his back story, he keeps his past a tight secret. He was sent on a mission by his people to capture the Dreamer Saleana and force her to show them where her kinsmen are holed up. Charming the information out of her. But little did he or his people expect the reaction she would have on him.

Vasant has a very secret and stoic nature in truth. But he hides it beneath a flamboyant and playful air. The only creature whom he truly trusts is his unnamed oxryb who he had raised from a calf. Something he is very proud of. Being a Custos Vasant normally looks no different from a man. Sharper senses, greater strength, more durable flesh, swifter healing, but still a man. But his Transverto form is that of a terrifying subhuman being. Because of this and his very nature, he considers himself a monster and not worthy of his growing affection for Saleana.

"He was well aware of his own looks, his noble face, handsome features. His brows were the perfect thickness, not too robust nor thin, his cheek bones sharp and full. His strong jaw line, jutting chin that was just large enough to not overpower his other features. He had slanted, large silvery blue eyes, kind eyes he had been told once. He had thick, dark curls. So unruly were they that he had to slick them back lest they look as wild and disorderly as they truly were. A few ringlets had escaped, framing his handsome face perfectly. He had a thin mustache and a tuft of closely trimmed hair beneath his lips that flowed down to the underside of his chin. The cut of his facial hair stood out starkly amongst the tribesman, the men either boasting clean shaven faces or thick, full beards. Some so long they were bound. Yes, he was quite the dashing character among these simple folk." 

~ Quote from Path of a Dreamer: Book 1
The Girl with the Sapphire Eyes
Author's tidbit 
 Vasant was originally supposed to be an evil, womanizing, sexist pig who got offed in 2 chaps. But luckily he told me to stuff my opinions into a cave and decided he was becoming his own creation. A witty, noble, brave, conflicted, conceited, delightfully arrogant, oh-so-lovable, wind bag of a merchant who has trouble seeing past himself and his people. But God love him he is trying! 
The first scene or two with him in the end of Path of a Dreamer book one still lean towards his first incarnation. I left them that way to show how his character grew on paper and in my imagination. Keep on surprising me Vasant! You are my fav of the cast! 
(At least until Cor Saltus gets more screen time :P )

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