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Book Progress: Revised and edited version of The Girl with the Sapphire Eyes

Here's a sneak peak at the progress report of  
  Revised and edited version of The Girl with the Sapphire Eyes
The work is complete! Deluxe & Pocket PB will be live on the amazon store on 2/3!
Kindle version already updated!
I will add a link here when they go live.
I am also running a free promo for the kindle version on 2/4 & 2/5 in honor of the new PB release. 
Deluxe Edition $14.99
Pocket Edition $13.49
Fixed Deluxe edition cover~
Fixed Pocket edition cover~
Deluxe Edition's cover~
(that I must fix)

Newer (1/19/17) Update:
  So I got the pocket version cover done about a week ago & sent it in. The formatting got skewed & the start of each line was in the gutter. Fixed that today & also fixed the back & front cover for the Deluxe edition. Hang with me guys! The next book will have all this stuff polished before it releases. ^.^'
Newer (1/10/17) Update:
  So turns out create space will not allow initials only on a cover unless you specifically put the initials as your other name & you do not have the option to go back and change it. So I had rebuilt the Pocket edition cover. Have to work on the deluxe cover now.
 Update (1/7/17):
Wow, I would have never thought hand to digital edits would take me so long. So I finished the edits today (1/7) & have the cover & extra bits done. Now I just have to format & order the proof(s) before it is available! YAY~
I am working on some grammar, typo, and flow edits on my first book as well as adding some secret updates to the index and forward. (not changing the story at all, no worries) 
I have about 40 (0 as of 12/25) pages left to hand edit and about 200 (0 as of 1/7) to update digitally from my hand edits. I don't want to give away the new bits so I am going to shut up about them. 
I was unable to get this out before Christmas, the hand-to-digital edits were more time consuming than I had anticipated. 
To those who have already purchased the digital version I will update the current file with the deluxe version (minus the artwork) when the pb goes out. Just sync it with the amazon thingie to get the latest version. 
(no actual idea how to do that, was just told it could be done)
There will be a basic pocket version pb with the edits and a larger sized deluxe version pb that has all the new tidbits
Thanks for your time and patience!

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