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Scene #1

Scene #1

A scene as seen from two different views

(his view)
Coldar lifted his head, gazing down the length of his nose at the woman who stood before him. She glanced back up at him, her blue eyes full of suspicion and a growing anger. His smile only deepened as a chuckle escaped his throat.

“Why do you laugh?” She turned to face him then, her hand going to the sword that hung at her hip. Her perfect eyes flaring with a brilliant flame of rage and hatred. How he adored that gaze. She looked so wondrous, her hair, bright as freshly drawn blood, caught in the breeze that swirled about them. The scar on her brow standing pale against the golden tones of her flesh. He even found her scowl attractive, the gently curve of her soft, pale lips, the way her right eye twitched slightly as she glared at him.

“Nothing, my little warrior queen, I laugh at nothing.” She snorted at him and tried to frown, but she could not hide the spark that flared in her eyes. That brilliant little flash that meant he had won. He reached out his hand to brush the hair from her brow, smiling as his gloved fingers traced the delicate curve of her jaw. She gripped his wrist as he tried to pull away, her eyes gleaming with that golden light.

“You drive me to madness, Coldar.” She smiled and a laugh escaped her lips, a clear beautiful sound that reminded him of birdsong. She stepped forward, her head tilted to the side as she brushed his cheek with her thin, delicate hand.

“I should hate you for it.” Without another word she pressed her lips to his, silencing the remark he had been about to voice. Together they stood, surrounded by the bodies of the fallen, lost in their love for one another.

(her view)
Letta sheathed her sword, glancing about at the bodies of those who had dared to assault her homeland. She could feel the newcomer’s eyes upon her back, could feel the very weight of his stare. She had fought with him for many a day now, he had stood by her side longer than her own kinsmen. He was an odd fellow… a bothersome fellow. The way he looked at her… that strange, curious light in his eyes. He was like no man she had met before. She glanced at him over her shoulder, meeting that odd gaze, felt anger rising in her heart as he chuckled.

“Why do you laugh?” She turned to him as his smile deepened, her hand sliding toward the hilt of her sword. She found herself tracing his face with her gaze. Examining the scars that crossed his pale cheeks, the strength of his brow. Found herself admiring his dark, gentle eyes, the mischievous light that filled them. The golden hair that fell upon his brow, stirred by the breeze that arose about them. The smile on his face… she felt her anger melting away as she glanced up at him, felt herself… falling.

“Nothing, my little warrior queen, I laugh at nothing.” She tried to scowl, tried to hide the feeling rising in her heart. But she lost the fight, for the first time in her life she had found a battle she could not win. He swept the hair from her brow, never once breaking her gaze as he stroked her cheek. He started to pull away but she caught his wrist, unable to look away from his wondrous, gleaming eyes.

“You drive me to madness, Coldar.” She laughed at the hurt look in his eyes, laughed at herself for how she felt being so near to him. Without a thought she stepped forward, tracing the coarse, scarred flesh of his cheek with the palm of her hand.

“I should hate you for it.” She saw the reply forming on his lips, saw the mischievous light in his eyes. She silenced him the only way she knew how. So there they stood amidst the aftermath of battle, her arms wrapped about his neck and her lips pressed against his own, the world around them forgotten.


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