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Sample Scene: P.O.D. Book One #1

This is pulled from the middle of the book and contains spoilers.

Sample Scene of P.O.D. Book 1

Maleana crossed her arms into the sleeves of her oversized robe, leaning against her borrowed shepherd’s crook as she looked out onto the Akore’s herd. It had been larger when she had tended it in her youth, nearly fourfold so. But there were still at least forty goats, large, long furred monsters that were not to be trifled with. They were not as they were in her day either, she had made certain they were tame and gentle, not these half wild creatures that one had to guard themselves against. She sighed, looking at the young kid that stuck close to her side, soon she too would be as the others. It was a perfect representation of their tribe, of how far the Akore had fallen. She could not say why she still insisted on sneaking out amongst the Herders, it only served to remind her of what had been lost. She smiled as she looked down at the kid who pranced around her. She knew the answer well enough, as much as it pained her it also reminded her of better times.

She heard a heavy trod and lifted her head to see a man racing towards her, a cloaked bundle held tightly to his chest. As he drew closer she saw it was Timon, but it was the cloak that sent chills down her spine. It was Lillian’s cloak, the red leather plain in the early dawn. The scream left her before she could stop it. She sped after them, her aging body failing her as she fell to her knees at the wall. She was up on her feet again in a moment though, catching up to Timon before the bonfire. She ripped Saleana from his grasp, collapsing with the girl held tight to her chest, memories of the past flooding back up in her mind. So lost was she in her mind she did not hear Dragoon approach, only became aware of him when he knelt beside her and pressed his fingers to Saleana’s throat.

“I need to get her to my tents, Maleana, right this instance. If we wait it may be too late, please, if you care for this girl at all you will allow me to tend to my duties.” She watched mutely as he took her from her arms, carrying her to the Healers’ tents. She struggled to her feet, entering the tent just in time to see Dragoon and one of his assistants stripping Saleana of all of her clothing. Maleana picked up the garments as they tossed them to the floor, clutching them to her chest like a charm. She could not say how long she watched the two Healers work, watched as they drew blood and injected the girl’s pale flesh with things Maleana could not even name. But after what seemed an eternity the two slipped Saleana into a thin, white gown. Placing her on one of the narrow cots far from the central brazier. Dragoon turned to her then as if he had only just seen her, his face grim and his pale, beady eyes refusing to meet her own.

“What…? What has…? Will she…?” Her voice hitched and she pressed her hand over her mouth, tears rimming her eyes. She was called a cold woman, one who felt no emotion other than hate. The truth could not be farther from that description. Emotions and spirits roiled beneath her icy exterior, fighting to be free. But she kept them bottled up, kept the fa├žade. But Saleana was as close to a daughter as she had ever known, the girl was one of the few shards she had left of her life before. She had already lost Stan, Eryk, she could not lose the little Dreamer too. Dragoon sighed, gripping her shoulder tightly as he finally met her eyes.

“I must be honest with you, Maleana. I have not a clue what ails her, because of that… because of that my hands are tied. All we can do is wait and watch, do what we can as the moment arises. Other than that… Other than that there is nothing to be done. I am sorry.” She shook her head, rushing to Saleana’s side and falling to her knees, her clothing falling in a heap on the floor. She swept the dark brown curls from her brow, willing her to open those sapphire eyes.
“Please! Please there must be something you can do! You have to have some idea of what this is…” Dragoon shook his head, shrugging his shoulders as he motioned for the other Healer to leave.

“I have no idea, she was out in the wood. There are countless things we do not understand in that place, anything could have happened. We are just lucky that it was Timon that found her and not some wild beast. It would be best if you left now, Maleana, allow her to rest. She will need all of her strength to survive this. Off with you, allow me to do my duty and see to her.” Maleana could not find the strength to fight him as he ushered her out of the door, taking one last look at the sleeping child that was as dear to her as if she had been born of her own womb. She wandered back to her own tents, her head hung low. One by one she was losing them, all of them. She would be alone before long, one last sentinel to watch out over what had once been.

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