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Poem #6

Poem #6

Fortress of the Heart

Swiftly do the gates close when danger is abroad,
Thanks be to the Almighty God,
Swiftly do they close to protect the heart,
Slowly, so slowly, do they part,
They guard my life, my love, my very mind,
More cunning a fortress you could never find,
The walls are tall and steep,
Safe inside am I, protected inside this great keep,
Light still reaches me from above,
But guarded safe is my heart’s love,
Nothing can break down these walls,
Nothing can enter these guarded halls,
Alone in my fortress do I stand,
Protected from a cruel and wicked land,
But all it takes is one little key,
Then from this fortress I shall be free,
But in my very hands it lies,
That little key, that which protects me,
I hold it safe and warm, close to my breast,
Waiting for the one who may pass the test,
Then I shall be of this fortress free,
He and I this land shall see,
No longer shall be closed that door,
For I shall need it nevermore.


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