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Poem #4

Poem #4

Fairer far than any silver ever sold,
Brighter than the jeweler’s finest gold,
Higher than any star overhead,
Deeper far than any sea bed,
Far louder than any gull's cry,
Softer than a lady's sigh,
Wondrous as any story ever told,
Beautiful as anything you could ever hold,
Powerful as a great waterfall,
Fragile as a daisy small,
Surrounding us with its presence,
Filling our entire lives with its essence,
Hiding in a child's look,
Kept within a treasured book,
Waiting within the eyes of pet,
Filling the gaze of the person you just met,
In a mother's face, a father's smile,
The embrace of that friend you have not seen in awhile,
But stronger far than all of these,
Powerful enough to weaken ones knees,
Is the kind that lurks within a lover fair,
That coats each action, fills each stare,
The look that accompanies each smile,
That fluttering for which you would run a mile,
More true than any word yet spoken,
More valuable than any token,
What do I speak of, you ask of me?
Quite simple indeed, for I speak of the key,
I speak of love, full and pure,
Bright as sunlight,
Serene as the night,
Love, unhindered, powerful, and true,
To describe it no word would ever do,
A thing that can be felt but not seen,
The product of a wistful dream,
Nothing in this life can compare,
Nothing can rival that emotion fair,
So seek that most treasured feeling,
Seek that which will send your mind reeling,
Grasp it fast and hold it tight,
For it alone can carry you through the dark night.


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