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Character Intro #1

Introducing Ventus
(This intro was written after Book 1 was published)

Ventus is an ancient elemental creature whose past lays enshrouded in mystery. No one knows where it came from, what it is, or even how long it has flitted over the earth. It can be in multiple places at once, as Saleana discovered early on in her life, making it the ultimate spy and aid.

Ventus has a very playful nature, loving nothing more than to tease its companion and make her laugh. It can often be found tugging on her braids or nestling under her locks. But that child-like nature hides a fierce fighting spirit and intense desire to watch over its bosom companion no matter the cost. Ventus has two forms, the first being an unseen breeze, the second that of a degu formed of swirling mist and wind. It can speak in both forms, using an unintelligible sing song that can be compared to the whispered voices of several children. It has the ability to leave and enter the Dream Realm at will.

"He opened his eyes to see a strange little creature perched upon his chest plate. It’s body was that of a small rodent, the back legs long and strong, and the thin tail ending in a tuft of fur. But the creature was made of… wind. Nearly translucent, swirls of opaque white and blue rolling and spinning within the outline of its frame. Every so often bits of wind and color ebbing out and away only to swirl back into its body. Small eyes as pure as liquid silver gazed up at him, sparkling with relief. The little creature churred, but the voice was strange. It was… like the soft, unintelligible whispers of many children, rising and falling in nonsense sing song. Its tail switched back and forth rapidly and it nuzzled his beard, running down his shoulder and scampering across the ledge." 

~ Quote from Path of a Dreamer: Book 1
The Girl with the Sapphire Eyes
Author's tidbit 
 Ventus was originally a tree. No joke. It was the big tree that Eryk nearly dies under. But I have a sentient tree in my other WIP that I adore and this one just felt like a poor copy. So I decided to go another direction. Instead of the wind being the voice and arms of the tree why not make it a living being on its own. Thus Ventus' wind form was born. 
Then I had the problem of writing an untouchable, invisible character which is neither fun nor easy. So I took inspiration from what my dad calls "his babies" a pair of brother degus we got when we took in a dozen or so rescue buns earlier this year. The way they were so quiet and inquisitive, the very way they moved... Well it embodied my mental image of Ventus to a tea.
Ventus isn't the only one of its race, but by far it is my favorite of them. Giving it a sassy but protective personality and an above average human intelligence while keeping up the inability for it to communicate with my heroine is a fun challenge.

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