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Character Bio #1

Character Bio #1

Name: Andrea, daughter of Raifer and Alanta
Class: Fighter
Race: Half-elf
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5’2”

Andrea was the daughter of a poor woodsman named Raifer, her mother, Alanta, an elfin maid whose past lay enshrouded in mystery. Her early childhood was joyously spent beneath the canopy of her beloved woodland, learning the art of hunting and forestry from her father while her mother taught her a deeper, more ancient knowledge of the world and its wonders. But, try as hard as she might, her mother could not get Andrea to focus on her lessons and teachings. Rather the girl tended to take after her father, both in manner and appearance. All except her large, cat-like eyes, which, in the dead of night, glowed brighter than any star. One morning Andrea went into the depths of the forest, intent on bringing home the prized boar she had spotted the day before. But, when she was no more than an hour’s stride away, she heard a great commotion from behind her. In the direction of her home. Fast as the flight of a swallow Andrea sped along the path, her hunting knife drawn as her eyes began to glow a brilliant, eerie green. But just as she entered the clearing a blood curdling scream filled the air, the knife falling from young Andrea’s numb fingers as she watched a brigand toss aside her mother’s lifeless body. All thought fled her as her eyes found her father, his bloodied and broken body lying beside his work bench, his lifeblood pooling among the sawdust and wood shavings. The body of a man lay close by, a bloodied blade still clasped in his fist and a heavy shield covering his chest. Something within her snapped at that moment and Andrea picked up the fallen man’s sword and shield. She charged with a strength and ferocity that belittled her small stature, her half-elfin blood making him no match for her assault. Andrea lifted her head, catching sight of movement within the small hut that had been her home for as long as she could remember. There had been another brigand. Without a sound she entered the semi-darkness of the hut, looking down at the wounded man who had collapsed against the wall. They stared at one another for a long moment, her eyes cold and devoid of emotion as his began to fill with fear. Without a word Andrea struck the dying, unarmed man, watching as his head rolled across the straw strewn floor. She stood there for a long moment, gazing down at the fallen body of her enemy. She blinked at the medallion that hung about his neck, setting the shield down as she gazed intently at its copper surface. She could not recognize the mark, never before had she seen one of its like, but she knew in her heart that it was an insignia. That it would lead her to the kinsmen of those who had slain her parents. Andrea slipped the medallion onto her neck and tucked it beneath her shirt, retrieving the shield from where it lay before stepping out into the mid-morning sunlight once more. Without a sound she turned the shield around, gently tracing the dark image of a dragon’s head. “A dragon lives its life alone, trusting in no one, accompanying no one.” She lifted the longsword, watching as jewel-like droplets of blood slowly rolled down the blade, the ruby eyes of the dragon’s-head pommel sparkling brightly. “Fair dragon, you have robbed me of my life and love, and what have you left me with? A sword and a shield.” She glanced at the brigand once more, touching lightly the medallion that hung about her neck. “And a mission.” And Andrea turned from her family home, never to return again, the medallion image flaring brightly in her mind as she set out to find the kinsmen of those who had murdered her family.


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